We wanted to start from scratch and go back to basics with a post defining what the American Bully is today in 2018. Because the breed is not completely set and keeps on infusing itself with other breeds, you will often see breeders arguing between themselves about what a real American Bully dog is or should be. This only happens because we are at a very early stage in the creation of The American Bully as a breed. Some influent breeders want to go in different directions, some stay loyal to the first specimens, so it can get a little confusing.
Just before we start, let’s get clear on names: the American Bully is also sometimes called Bullypit or American Bully Pit. These names tend to be used in some hybrid clubs as the name for cross of an American Bulldog and an American Pit Bull Terrier. It is therefore different to The American Bully.

History of the American Bully
The American Pitbull Terrier is a driven dog, sometimes with animal aggression tendencies, while the American Staffordshire Terrier was mostly bred to be a show breed used in the conformation events because of its calm and easier-to-handle temperament. The vision that started the American Bully breed is the wish to have a powerful and muscular dog that has a lot less work drive so it can make a perfect protective yet gentle home pet and companion

A first solution was to tame the temperament of the Pitbull but it seemed difficult, especially internationally where the American Pitbull was a banned breed so impossible to work with.

This is where a new breed became the solution: The American Bully.

It is generally admitted that The American Bully was founded with the cross of Pitbulls and Amstaffs, though it is also commonly accepted that some Mastiff and Bulldog blood has been injected in the breed early on and still is today. American Bully breeders will exclusively use these breeds to come up with their own preferred version of the American Bully.

Unique in many ways, an important fact with the foundation of the American Bully is that several breeding programmes started at different locations in the United States with no contact between the breeders. Geographically centred in Virginia and Southern California, the bully breeding project quickly spread across the country with bully breeders wanting to move the breed to different directions since no standard was yet made official.

The American Bully breed was seen having variable appearances, all proclaiming to be the most authentic Bully dog. Some liked it more muscular, some liked it XL, some liked it pocket-sized, and so on. The most influential Bully breeders at that time teamed up together to bring more cohesion to the foundation stock of The American Bully and give it a more united voice to be heard. These founders include the influential Dave Wilson from Razor’s Edge, but also the Gottiline, and Gary Moore from Greyline Dogs. They soon after created the American Bully Kennel Club.

Standards developed by the ABKC and the UKC have been accepted throughout the community and declare several types within The American Bully breed. This way, it kept most of the community happy and it is also a great marketing device since XL, Pocket and Extreme are impactful words that sell. These standards helped the breed going in one clear direction, at least in the dog showing circles.
Casual breeders still follow their own ideals but with times, most occasional and professional breeders should gather on that same standardized path and move forward united.

Confusion Between American Bully, Pitbull and Amstaff
The development of The American Bully as its own final breed takes time, it is still not recognised by The American Kennel Club for example. For this reason, the American Bully infuriates a lot of American Pitbull and American Staffordshire Terrier breeders.

Indeed, because the American Bully is taking time to define itself in Australia to the general public, other breeders from other close breeds get annoyed at the confusion reigning in all circles.


Many American Bullies are advertised and sold as American Pitbulls or American Staff, and many Pitbulls and Staffs are also marketed and sold as American Bullies, simply because of the hype for this new breed taking over the country over the last few years. Media doing their headlines with the most expensive stud Pitbulls actually get it wrong as it is a stud Bully, and so on.

It is important to explain that, although the American Bully originated from repeated cross-breeding between Pitbulls and Amstaffs, it is now a breed in its own right. Yet, because the Bully breed is still being defined and clarified year after year, the appearance and temperament of its specimens will keep on evolving for some time and more Pitbull, Amstaff, Mastiff or Bulldog blood will be brought into the breed to fix the traits desired within the community.