G-netix American Bully puppies thrive on a combination of a our inhouse raw mix diet (local pick up available) and Urban Bully Primo Growth premium kibble available online ( Australia wide shipping available). This quality kibble is suitable for your pup up to 15 months of age. Should you decide to transition to another brand, do so gradually over a minimum of 2 weeks to minimize any digestive upset.

Our American Bully puppies are fed twice daily. Raw mix in the morning and a high-quality puppy kibble in the late afternoon. This full-fills all nutritional needs during the early stages. As your pup matures, consider introducing a raw chicken carcass 2-3 times weekly for natural calcium and dental health. Never feed cooked bones, and avoid raw chicken necks to prevent airway obstruction.

For added nutritional benefits, incorporate sardines and yogurt into your pup's diet. Opt for yogurt containing acidophilus. Cheese is also a favourite among our American Bully pups.

While milk is unnecessary, but if given, use animal milk like Biolac or Goats milk to prevent diarrhea. Adding honey to the milk can help prevent mucous formation in the gut. No other additives are required. Always provide clean, fresh water.

Our  American Bully  puppies are initially fed three times daily until 7 weeks, then transitioned to two meals per day by 8 weeks. At this age, they typically consume around 2 cups of kibble and 300 to 400 grams of our raw mix. Use your judgment to gauge individual needs, ensuring not to overfeed.

Worming for American Bully puppies occurs at 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 weeks, with the next dose at 12 weeks. Subsequent worming should be done every 3 months, especially during summer. Flea control is crucial, and your vet can guide you on suitable products during the 12-week vaccination visit.

Monthly heartworm medication is recommended, starting at 3 month old and continuing throughout their life. Annual heartworm vaccination is an option after 6 months.

Care for your American Bully's bones and joints by avoiding strenuous exercise until fully grown. Weekly nail clipping and ear cleaning with methylated spirits are routine practices. They typically shed twice a year, and regular brushing with a rubber mitt is sufficient. Bathing, using only natural organic shampoos and conditioners such as Smooth and Soothe by Rogue Royalty brand  is occasionally needed.

G-netix American Bully puppies, raised with comfort in mind, may develop a preference for lounging. Establish rules early if you wish to discourage this habit. We recommend Puppy Pre-School and obedience training for their socialization and your peace of mind. As your dedicated breeder, we're always just a phone call away to address any questions or concerns about your American Bully.