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Micro Bully - Gottiline Kings AKA

The American Nano Micro Bully was recognized in 2019 as a small compact breed deriving from the American Bully crossed among other bull breeds such as Shorty Bulls, English bulldog, Frenchie and Exotics. Having characteristics of all the combined the Micro Bully have come to have a unique look from its ancestors. It is bred to be the ultimate companion dog. Kind disposition to human and animal alike.

General Impression:
The Nano Bully should give u the impression of big dog features on a small compact muscular frame weighing in between 15-25 kgs. The Nano bull should exhibit playful temperament and willingness to please. Although small in stature the Micro bully is courageous. Tight skin through with occasional wrinkle along the muzzle and nose. Docile and loving makes this breed the ultimate company for small apartments and children.

35cm and under

15-25 Kgs

The head should be square and chiseled although slight roundness is acceptable but not preferred. Skull is wide cresting ear to ear. Ears are prefer cropped but natural ears are permitted. Cheeks are pronounced as wide as the sides of the head. The stop should be deep and set at angles between 75 to 90 degrees. Ears set far apart but not past the widest part of the skull. Skin is tight with occasional wrinkles around the muzzle. Excessive loose skin or ropes are not prefer. Eye are almond in shape with all colors acceptable except albino(red). Eye set wide apart and sit above the top of the plain of the muzzle. Muzzle should be short 15-25 percent of the total length of the head. Nose should have open nare and all color accepted although pure pink is not preferred. Bite should be clean level or slight underbite less than 1/4 of an inch. The Nano bully give off a look many consider exclusive.

Short thick and tapered from the back of the skull to the shoulders.Tight skin with a visible arch. Heavily muscled and strong. Long or thin necks are not preferred

The body is dense heavy bone and heavy muscle mass. Broad deep chest extending slightly pass the elbows. Rib cage should be barreled and wide well sprung. Short back with a level topline sloping towards a wide set loin and tail set. The tail should extend to right above the hock. Slightly short tail is okay but no preferred. Docked tail is heavily faulted and corkscrews are disqualified. Shoulders are set wide well angulated. Legs straight set wide apart with the elbow neither bowed out or tied in. Pastern should be strong and feet tight. Toes touching the pavement when standing or walking. Inverted toes are heavily faulted.

Shortback and proportionate to the overall  body type. Level topline is prefer, Minor rise is faulted but not disqualified. Ideally the nano should be a long as it is tall giving it a square look. Measurement front wither to the floor should equal to the measurements from the point of shoulders to the point of rump. sway backs and long backs are faults.

Rear Assembly:
The Nano Micro Bully rear is highly muscles and thick throughout. equally as wide as the shoulder wide and strong appearance with great depth and inner thigh muscles. well angulated. Furthest part of the buttocks when drawn a straight line down should meet the front of the toes. Rear legs legs straight and in line with front legs. turning in or out is a a fault.

Tail Set:
Carried on the same plane as the topline. When excited acceptable carried angle is no more than 45 degrees. over the back or curved tails are faults. Tail length should reach no less the the middle of the buttock and no further at the point of hocks. Medium in width tapered from base to the tip. Thick or thin tails are undesirable. Corkscrew are disqualified.  

Nice and tight feet are highly desirable, thick round in size. nails trimmed and toes forwardly placed. toe length should be short or medium. long toes are a fault. invert toes are faulted and should be discourage.

All coat color are acceptable,Short smooth to the touch and well groomed. Curly, long or wavy are undesirable traits and should be avoided.

The Nano bull gaits in small but swift steps. Front and rear feet should never converge. Feet moving on the same plane although slight front paddling is acceptable but discouraged. The reach and drive short should be easily visible. The  gait should never be pacing. Forward motion and rear motion should be on opposite leg on both sides. The nano should move with confidence held up or on the same line as the back never held down or to the side. 

Faults to be penalized but not disqualifications for showing are:
Narrow set eyes
Both eyes not matched in color
Overly visible haw
Bulging or protruding eyes
Muzzle too long or snipey
Lack of pronounced deep stop
Weak underjaw
Underjaw turning up
Albinism nose (light pink)  
Overshot or Undershot bite
Wry or cross bite 

Neck too thin or weak
Neck too short or too long 

Upright shoulders; steep and forward scapula (shoulder blade)
Upper arm too short
Severe turned fronts (in or out)
Bowed front legs
Down at the pasterns (weak pasterns)
Sway Back
Roach Back
Excessive high rear 

Splayed or flat feet
Long toes
Hocks turning in or out ,cow hocked, Pigeon toes 

Tail too long or too short  
Curled tail (gay tail) 

Curly or wavy coat

Movement: Rolling, pacing, sidewinding, hackney action
Not moving on the same plane – legs over reaching, crossing over in front or rear, or rear legs moving too close or touching

Faults to be heavily penalized but not disqualifications for showing are:  
Severely overshot or undershot (1/4 inch OR MORE)
Kinked tail
Twisted tail
Knotted tail
Fused tail
Overly Short tail
Long coat 

Displaying or possessing aggressive behavior towards humans
Pink or Albino eyes
Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchidism (missing one or both testicles)
Unilateral or bilateral deafness (deafness in one or both ears)
Screwed tail
Bobbed tail
Excessive high rear ( rear appear higher that top of the skull)

Introducing the Micro Bully - Gottiline Kings AKA! This compact breed is the ultimate companion, combining big dog features with a small, muscular frame. With a playful temperament and a courageous spirit, this Nano Bully is ready to please. Its square, chiseled head and tight skin give it an exclusive look. Short and thick neck, heavily muscled body - this dog is straight fire! Get yours now and bring some hip hop swagger to your life!


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