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Introducing Lola, the ultimate Pocket American Bully. With her compact size and powerful build, she's the perfect blend of strength and agility. Her black and tan tri-color coat turns heads wherever she goes. Lola is up to date on vaccinations and comes with a pedigree certificate. Don't miss out on this extraordinary pup - get ready to own the streets with Lola by your side!

Are you looking for an extraordinary canine companion that combines strength, loyalty, and a compact size? Look no further than our exceptional Pocket American Bully puppies! Based in Australia, we are proud to offer these remarkable dogs to discerning pet lovers nationwide. Our Pocket American Bully puppies possess the perfect blend of muscularity and agility, making them the ideal choice for those seeking a compact yet powerful four-legged friend. With their distinctive appearance and loving nature, these puppies are sure to steal your heart.

At G-netix Bullies, we are dedicated to breeding top-quality American Pocket Bully puppies with the utmost care and attention. Our breeding program focuses on producing healthy, well-socialized puppies that meet the breed's standards in terms of temperament and appearance. Each puppy receives proper veterinary care, including vaccinations and regular health check-ups, to ensure they start their new lives on the right paw. As a trusted breeder, we prioritize the well-being of our puppies and work closely with prospective owners to ensure they are matched with the perfect Pocket American Bully that suits their lifestyle and preferences. Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome one of these extraordinary pups into your home – contact us today to learn more about our available Pocket American Bully puppies and start your journey to owning an exceptional companion.

w best friend!
Name : G-netix Bullies Lola
Sex : Female
Birthdate : April 2023
Breed : Pocket American Bully
Colour : Black and Tan (tri colour)
Size : Pocket Class Upto 15 inches at the shoulders in height.
Full grown size (weight): 25 to 35kgs
Vaccination : Currently upto date C3 - Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatits, Canine Parvovirus.
Pedigree certificate : Yes can be supplied with ABKC pedigree certificate.


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