Introducing Mulan - Your Perfect American Pocket Bully Companion from Sydney Australia!

Meet Mulan, the exquisite Chocolate Tri American Pocket Bully with an impressive weight of 35kgs and a stately height of 15 inches at the withers. Mulan is a true representation of the Extreme Pocket American Bully standard, showcasing extreme male features, a robust bone density, and a head that commands attention.

As a reputable American Bully breeder in Australia, we take pride in presenting Mulan as the epitome of excellence in our breeding program. With a focus on champion bloodlines, Mulan embodies the highest quality in American Bully genetics.

Key Features:

  • Breed Type: American Pocket Bully
  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Chocolate Tri
  • Weight: 35kgs
  • Height: 15 inches at the withers
  • Off springs:  Kloud, Alize

Extreme Features: Mulan boasts a striking appearance with extreme male features, a big head, and superior bone density, setting her apart as a top-tier American Pocket Bully in Sydney, NSW Australia.

Champion Bloodlines: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in Mulan's PEDIGREE, incorporating the best bloodlines to ensure she not only meets but exceeds breed standards. Mulan is the only American Pocket Bully in Australia that is Line bred X3  IWC GRAND CHAMPION ROCKOMANIA..

 At G-netix Bullies, we take pride in our American Bully breeding program, ensuring each puppy, including Mulan, is a testament to our commitment to quality. Contact us today to learn more about Mulan breeding plans, and how her off-springs can become your loyal companion. Join the ranks of satisfied American Bully enthusiasts who have chosen us as their trusted breeder!


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