Sonic x Victoria Black Female

Introducing Sonic x Victoria Black Female, a tale of dedication, love, and top-producing bullies. With a pedigree that sets socks on fire, this Australian-born duo brings the heat. Their 6 strong and healthy puppies are nature's masterpiece. From optimum diets to microchipping, vaccinations, and socialization, we give our pups the best start in life. Join the G-Netix Line family and let us guide you on your journey with 1:1 coaching and support. Experience the street hip hop culture of G-Netix Bullies.

We are super excited to announce this story book tale, a tale with all the usual characteristics of our Australian brand. We believe that great beginnings lead to the production of great bullies. Which is why we have worked hard behind the scenes to bring this tale, of dedication, love, care and very thought out planning to our bully community.

Just like all our other tales within our G-Netix family…

This tale will not disappoint, With a pedigree to set your socks on fire!

SONIC teamed against our lustrous Victoria (G-Code litter mate). 

An Australian grown sire SONIC with a  line up consisting of  Dalton and the Bully Markets The BUSS, who are known to be top producing bulls in the world.

And our home-produced dam G-Netix Bullies Victoria, sired by world famous Ch.Grimm, who is Gr.Ch Rockomania's best producing sons in the world.

 This is a tale that required no fairy god mother…and hence, the 6 puppies born are exactly what nature intended. Strong, healthy, and well-formed bullies. We work hard to give our puppies the absolute best start in life. Which starts well before the puppies are even born. Both Sonic and Victoria are provided with an optimum diet to assist in the framework of producing great bullies.

As the tale continues, we ensure that our puppies are delivered microchipped, 1st vaccinations received, wormed and vet health checked. All puppies are socialised with young children, adults and are exposed to a range of noise stimulation and surroundings.  

Further to our tale, we are here to help & assist you on your journey. We provide 1:1 coaching and support on a range of puppy and adult dog issues. We do not claim to know it all but have enough experience with our American Bullies that we are happy to share what has worked for us and what hasn’t.

We will be honoured to have you share this tale with the G-Netix Line family.


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