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Introducing "The G-Code" - An American Bully with an exaggerated look and a confident swagger. With a blocky head, muscular build, and exceptional conformation, he's the epitome of the ultimate American Bully. Bred from the prestigious Grand Champion Rockomania bloodline, "The G-Code" is a true showstopper. Join the movement and secure the future of the American Bully with this extraordinary stud. Get ready to level up your game with "The G-Code" - Australia's finest.
American Bully produced and raised by us here at Gnetix Bullies Australia. Blue ghost tri tripple carrier. Australia's first 2 times Rockomania blood Line bred. (Ch.GRIMM x PHOKINGS MOANA). What we expect from our Studs...... has a very exaggerated look, big features on a short, compact frame. The dog should have a big blocky head, lots of top skull, wide eye separation, large cheeks, a short squared muzzle with a pronounced stop, and a muscular neck.The dog should have muscular shoulders, a wide deep chest, girth in the body, heavy bone, a powerful functional rear, all while maintaining good conformation and ability to move. Most importantly for every Bully is to be a healthy, structurally sound dog with good temperament.
Our ABKC Registered "THE G-CODE" displays more of these features than any American Bully we’ve seen in Australia. Beyond his physical look, “The G-Code” is a supremely confident animal whose pride can be seen in every step he takes and consistently passing on these traits to his offsprings. Through selective breeding we are continually working towards producing the ultimate American Bully dog for Australia. In building on our dogs’ strengths and improving towards the American Bully breed type, we will keep producing exceptional American Bullies in Australia for Australia. We will continue promoting a positive image and help the breed grow in popularity here and worldwide striving to secure the future of the American Bully.

Physical Attributes
Registered Color: Blue ghost Tri
Height: 14.5"
Head Size: 24"
Registered Dam: Phoking Style MO' ANA of Gnetix


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