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Introducing Willow, the American Bully with a swagger like no other. With a muscular build, broad head, and piercing blue eyes, she's the epitome of street hip hop culture. Willow's confident and energetic personality will have you vibing all day long. Get ready to turn heads with this compact and powerful pup. Don't miss out on the chance to own a true street legend. Shop now and let Willow bring the hip hop vibes to your life.

Louis V Lines East Coast Suede V x MOANA

Willow A strong build American Bully puppy  has a muscular and compact body structure, with a wide chest, thick neck, and well-defined muscles in the legs and hindquarters. She  has a short, smooth coat and a broad head with distinctive blue eyes. Willow exhibits a confident and energetic personality, with a strong drive to play and also calm and affectionate.
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